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Online UK Visa Consultancy

Instant answers to your UK Immigration questions

Online Live Chat UK Visa Consultancy Service

Our Live Chat online UK Visa Consultancy service is to provide general advice and assistance with UK Visa matters and should not be considered as a replacement for full case preparation and representation.

If you want to get quick answers to your questions from Consultants with nearly 25 years specialist UK Immigration Law experience then choose one of the following options:

Instant Live Chat UK Visa Consultancy

Click the button below and make a payment of £90. This will cover up to 30 minutes of discussion with a qualified Consultant. After you have made payment you will be taken to a page where you can start a live chat with a Consultant.

The live chat Consultancy service can answer questions such as ‘Am I eligible for ILR’, ‘What forms and guidance should I refer to when I have lost my Biometric Residence Permit’, ‘Does the attached visa allow the holder to work in the UK’, ‘When can I apply for British Citizenship’, etc.  Please note that we cannot help you to find a job.

Your Consultation will last up to a maximum of 30 minutes and you will be able to share documents if this is required for us to advise you.

The status button further down the page shows if a Consultant is online and available. If nobody appears to be available then you can still pay and someone will usually be online very shortly after payment to start your chat session. Alternatively, you can use the chat button below to leave a message and we can arrange a suitable time for your session.

Ready To Start? Click the PayPal button below to pay and get instant assistance!

If you have any questions about this service then please contact us.