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WRS applications – processing times

Due to the high volume of applications received at the Home Office, they are currently unable to meet their service standards of 70% of Worker Registration Scheme (WRS) applications being decided within 10 working days.

At present 90% of all applications are being decided within 20 working days.

Under WRS processes, passports or ID cards as returned as quickly as possible in advance of the full registration decision and process being completed. As of week commencing 02 October 2006, the Home Office are dealing with applications received on the following dates;

Return of Passports/ ID cards – 02 October 2006

Registration – 26 September 2006

The Home Office have now deployed additional resources to recover this situation so that they return to their advertised service standards as quickly as possible.

During this time we strongly recommend that no travel arrangements are made whilst travel documents are within the Worker Registration Scheme process at the Home Office.