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UK Work Permit Reprints Policy

Work permits are valid for endorsement by Entry Clearance Officers for six months after the date of issue. After six months the work permit is no longer valid for use.

Work Permits (UK) occasionally receive requests for a reprint of the work permit from customers who have not been able to present the permit within the six month period after the date of issue. Work Permits (UK) considers such requests on a case-by-case basis. This process has been reviewed and a standard practice will be introduced from 4 April 2005.

The current policy on reprinting work permits that are over six months old ceases for requests received on or after 4 April 2005. In future, the sole grounds for reprinting work permits issued over six months after the original issue date will be because of:

  • delays in the entry clearance procedure or,
  • delays arising from overseas nationals’ appeal against the Entry Clearance Officers? decision to refuse the application.

Customers must show that the delay has occurred due to one or both of the above reasons. Work Permits (UK) will seek evidence for the delays.

Practice for Requests for Reprints less than Six Months after the Date of Issue of the Original Work Permit

There is no change to the procedures for dealing with requests for work permits reprints made within six months of the date of issue of the original work permit.

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