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UK Visa Fees to change from 1 July 2005

Following approval by the Privy Council UK visa fees will change with effect from 1 July 2005….

Following approval by the Privy Council UK visa fees will change with effect from 1 July 2005.

The changes to visa fees follow a wide-ranging review of our cost base. The new fees have been set to ensure that UKvisas continues to meet the full cost of the worldwide visa operation, which receives no subsidy from the UK taxpayer. Without these changes, the visa operation would incur a deficit over the course of this financial year.

The changes represent an average increase of 21% across all visa categories, with some going up, some going down and settlement visas staying the same. In addition to the change in fees, the structure of the fee table has been simplified and there are now only 4 different fees. Applicants and our visa staff will benefit from the less complicated structure through fewer mistakes and lower administrative costs.

Below is a comparative list of the current fees and the new fees from July.

Existing Fee Price
New Fee Price
Handling applications on behalf of Commonwealth countries 22 Commonwealth countries 30
Handling applications on behalf of UK Overseas Territories 22 UK Overseas Territories
Direct Airside Transit visa 36 Direct Airside Transit visa, In Transit Visit, Join Ship or Aircraft
Multiple Visit 6 months 36 Single, Double and Multiple Visit 6 valid up to 6 months 50
Multiple Visit 1 year 36 Longer term validity visit visa

Visa for any other purpose (includes student and employment) and Certificate of Entitlement

Multiple Visit 2 years 60
Multiple Visit 5 years 88
Multiple Visit 10 years 150
*Student, Au Pair, Short Term Employment, Academic Visitor, Working Holidaymaker, Returning Resident 36
Employment longer than 6 months and any other category not shown above 75
Certificate of Entitlement 110
Settlement, Marriage 260 Settlement, Marriage 260

*Currently charged at the existing Multiple Visit 6 months fee