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UK HSMP MBA Provision Information

The 2004 Budget announced a new provision for graduates of 50 top business schools to work in the UK for up to 12 months on completing their MBAs. This provision will form part of the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP).

The HSMP is designed to attract highly skilled people to the UK to seek and take work. The MBA provision within this addresses the weakness in the UK economy in the quality of management by attracting highly qualified and talented managers to the UK. The Masters in Business Administration (MBA) remains one of the most recognised and respected management qualifications.

Further HSMP MBA Provision Information

When will it be launched?

The MBA Provision will be launched on 12 April 2005

Which 50 business schools will it apply to?

The Treasury published the list of the 50 eligible programmes with the pre-Budget report on 2 December 2004. The Treasury will review and re-publish this list annually.

The 50 eligible MBA programmes are determined by applying criteria which best reflect the potential economic productive contribution of graduates:

  • Post-graduation Salaries, as the most effective measure of productivity
  • Employment, essential if productive potential is to be realised.

The list of institutions contains 10 UK institutions and 40 from the rest of the world. The inclusion of a quota of 10 UK institutions reflects the fact that students choosing to study in the UK have already shown a commitment to this country and have begun to integrate in the UK, making it easier for them to continue their career here.

Further details of the list of eligible programmes can be found on our HSMP MBA Provision page

Is this list a rival ranking to other independent rankings?

No. The list is generated through an assessment of economic impacts only, captured through employment and income effects. Prospective students will need to consider a broader range of criteria when weighing up the pros and cons of different MBA programmes such as quality of facilities. These broader factors are considered in many other independent rankings, such as that produced by the Financial Times.

How do I qualify under the MBA Provision?

The MBA Provision is part of HSMP. If you graduate from one of the eligible MBAs while that MBA is on the list of eligible courses then you are eligible to apply for the MBA Provision. Successful applicants will be awarded 65 points for their eligible MBA. You still need to meet the remaining requirements of HSMP. This means that, like other HSMP applicants, you will need to demonstrate that you will be able to continue your chosen career in the UK. Although you may not have previous experience in your chosen field, you should know what field you intend to work in in the UK. You will also have to show that you intend to make the UK your main home, and that you can support yourself and any dependants without public funds.

What if I have already graduated?

To be eligible for the MBA Provision, you must have graduated while your MBA was on the list of eligible programmes. The first list was published on 2 December 2004. Therefore if you have graduated on or since 2 December 2004 and your MBA is on the eligible list then you are eligible to apply for the MBA Provision.

What if I have completed my course but have not yet graduated?

Most applicants for the MBA Provision must submit their graduation certificate to show that they have completed an eligible MBA. However, if you have yet to be awarded your graduation certificate then you can submit a letter from your personal tutor at the eligible institution. This must be an official letter, including the stamp of your institution, and must confirm that you have successfully completed an eligible MBA and are awaiting graduation.

What if I have graduated from one of the eligible institutions, but my qualification isn’t an MBA?

The MBA Provision only applies to those who have obtained an MBA. If you have completed any other qualification, at whatever level, then you will not be eligible to apply for the MBA Provision. However you can still apply for the normal HSMP. If your qualification is at degree level or above then you will be awarded points for it under HSMP. Further information on the general criteria for HSMP can be found elsewhere on this website.

What type of work can I do under the MBA Provision and how long can I stay in the UK?

The MBA Provision is part of the HSMP, and further information is available on the sections of this website dealing with the normal HSMP.

All HSMP participants can seek and take any type of work while they are in the UK as an HSMP participant. You will initially be given leave to enter or remain in the UK for one year. At the end of this you will have to demonstrate that you meet the requirements for an extension of stay under HSMP. This includes that you have taken all reasonable steps to become economically active, whether in employment, self-employment or a combination of both.

How do I apply?

The MBA Provision will be launched on 12 April. You will not be able to apply before then.

If you are successful, you will be given an HSMP approval letter. If you are abroad, you will then need to apply for a visa or entry clearance to enter the UK. If you are already in the UK you must apply for leave to remain using an FLR(IED) form.

Can my family come to the UK with me?

Yes. As with the rest of the HSMP, your family can accompany you to the UK. You will need to show that you can support them without public funds.

I am already in the UK – can I apply for the MBA Provision?

You can apply for the MBA Provision while you are in the UK. If you are successful you will be given an HSMP approval letter. You then need to apply for leave to remain in the UK as an HSMP participant.

Not everyone already in the UK is eligible for leave to remain as an HSMP participant. The Immigration Rules state who can be granted leave as an HSMP participant. If you have leave in one of the following categories, then you will be eligible to apply for leave to remain:

  • Work permit holders
  • Students (if you have obtained a degree qualification at a relevant institution and, if appropriate, have the written consent of your official sponsor).
  • Postgraduate doctors, dentists and trainee general practitioners
  • Working holidaymakers
  • Science and Engineering Graduates Scheme (SEGS) participants
  • Innovators
  • Doctors taking the PLAB Test or doctors and dentists undertaking Clinical Attachments or Dental Observer Posts, where they are using the HSMP priority application process for general practitioners

If you are in the UK but do not have leave in one of these categories, then you should leave the UK to apply for entry clearance as an HSMP participant.