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Sajid Javid about to announce relaxing of immigration rules

Sajid Javid is expected to announce the relaxing of immigration rules to enable the NHS to hire non-EU doctors and nurses.

From December 2017 to the present time many Tier 2 Sponsors have struggled to obtain Restricted Certificates of Sponsorship for highly skilled workers, despite meeting all requirements, due to the current monthly limits being insufficient for current demand.

It is believed that a lack of EU applicants has created additional demand for non-EU workers and this has put a significant strain on the Tier 2 system due to the monthly limit of Restricted Certificates of Sponsorship being insufficient for this increased demand.

In some months employers have had their requests for Certificates of Sponsorship rejected even where the salary being offered was significantly in excess of £50,000 per annum.

Many employers have been forced to submit requests for Restricted Certificates of Sponsorship on a monthly basis without success due to these issues. It will probably take some time to clear all of the outstanding requirements for Tier 2 Certificates of Sponsorship but things should soon get back to normal if the anticipated changes work as expected.