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Revision to the shortage occupation list – nursing

With effect from 14 August 2006, all registered nurses will be removed from the shortage occupation list, and replaced with the following:

Nurses employed or engaged in the NHS at band 7 or 8 of Agenda for Change, or those employed or engaged in one or more of the following specialities:

  • Audiology
  • Sleep/respiratory physiology
  • Neurophysiology
  • Cardiac physiology
  • Operating theatre nursing
  • Clinical radiology
  • Pathology
  • Critical care

Customers should therefore note that in order to qualify for treatment as a shortage occupation, their work permit application should clearly state which of the Agenda for Change bands or nursing specialities it falls into.

To note: the shortage occupation list still includes midwives.

As a result of these changes all work permit applications received by Work Permits (UK) on or after the14 August 2006 for nursing posts, other than those listed above, will need to be subject to a full resident labour test. Employers will be required to submit evidence that posts have been advertised, with full details of those who applied and were interviewed, and why resident nationals were not considered suitable. Only when the resident labour test has been satisfied will consideration be given to issuing a work permit.

These changes to the shortage occupation list have been the result of recent labour market research conducted by the NHS Workforce Review Team, and were announced by the Department of Health on 3 July 2006.