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New student concession

The UK Border Agency has agreed a concession for this year only to allow students applying to study A-Levels in the United Kingdom to make a visa application based on a conditional offer from their education provider, whilst they wait for their GCSE results.

This is in recognition of the fact that GCSE results are not released until the end of August whilst some courses may begin in early September, narrowing the window to make an application in time to travel for the start of term.  This approach will enable the visa application process, such as the submission of biometrics, to begin before final results are known.  
We have agreed that this concession should not be limited to those wishing to study A Levels only.  The concession will be extended to cover all students waiting for GCSE results and going on to study other equivalent courses, such as Higher Diplomas in the UK.  The applicant will still be required to submit an unconditional offer when they receive this, and the visa may only be issued on this basis.