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New points based system to start in the new year

Immigration Minister Liam Byrne, today unveiled the timetable for introducing the UK’s tough new Australian-style points based system for migration, during a fact finding visit to Sydney.
The new scheme, which will be phased in from early 2008, will enable the British Government to manage migration to the UK more effectively, tackle abuse and attract the most talented workers into the UK economy.

Britain’s new simplified, secure system for managing migration will work alongside measures designed to secure the UK’s borders which will be the subject of discussion at the conference. The new system, which will allow migrants to come to the UK under one of five tiers replacing more than 80 existing routes of entry, will begin its rollout at the beginning of 2008.

Tier 1 of the system, which caters for highly skilled migrants such as scientists and entrepreneurs, will be launched at the beginning of 2008;
Tier 2, targeting skilled workers with a job offer and Tier 5, for youth mobility and temporary workers, will come on line in the third quarter of 2008; and
Tier 4, for students, will follow at the beginning of 2009.

A system of sponsorship by employers and educational institutions to ensure compliance with the immigration rules is also being introduced as part of the new system at the beginning of next year.
Controlling migration to the UK through a new simplified, secure system, fits alongside ongoing activity to tighten up the UK’s immigration controls. This includes implementing new technology to record simply and effectively details of passengers intending to enter or leave the UK before they begin their journey, and the strengthening of the UK’s visa system.

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