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International students make a major contribution to the UK’s economy

The Home Office and the education sector as represented on the Joint Education Taskforce are agreed that international students make a major contribution to the UK’s economy, reputation and prosperity and are therefore critically important customers for the immigration system.

International Students:-

  • Build links and foster mutual understanding between the UK and the rest of the world;
  • Support the UK’s long term diplomatic and economic objectives;
  • Contribute over £5 billion annually to the UK’s economy;
  • Bring new and different perspectives into UK university and college life;
  • Broaden the experience of UK students and the communities in which they live; and they
  • Help maintain, strengthen and expand the UK’s intellectual capital, skills and research base.

Following the Prime Minister’s Initiative – which has seen a very substantial growth in recruitment over the last 5 years – the UK’s international education industry now represents one of the most successful and expanding elements of the UK economy to-day.

Government and the sector are therefore committed to developing and maintaining the most effective immigration systems which meet the joint of objectives of:

  1. Encouraging and ensuring the UK retains its position as a world leader in international education, by maximising the number of genuine students choosing to come to the UK in the future; and
  2. Establishing and maintaining effective systems which regulate entry to the UK, ensure compliance and minimise abuse either by individuals or organisations.