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Earthquake hits Pakistan

The magnitude 7.6 quake that struck Pakistan and parts of India and Afghanistan on Saturday morning has reportedly killed 18,020 and injured 41,188 people.

The quake hit Saturday at 8:50 a.m. (11:50 p.m. ET Friday). Its epicenter was about 60 miles north-northeast of Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad. It was felt in major cities, including Islamabad and Lahore, and India’s capital of New Delhi.

The death toll is expected to rise because rescue workers and the military have been unable to access some of the remote areas hit by the quake. Shaukat Sultan said entire villages and many roads have been wiped out by landslides.

“The army has fully mobilized to handle this situation. This disaster is by far the biggest in its magnitude and scale so far that we have witnessed in Pakistan’s history,” the general said. “There is a lot that needs to be done. There are many areas that so far have not been reached. The death toll of 18,000 could be many-fold more as we reach more areas and as we discover more and more dead bodies under the rubble.”

The army is trying to evacuate the injured and set up medical camps and relief centers. Helicopters are airlifting supplies, then transporting injured people to hospitals. The army’s biggest problem is trying to access remote areas, he said. Pakistan needs transport helicopters able to carry large machinery that can be used to clear debris. Until roads are cleared, relief operations will have to rely on helicopter flights, Sultan said. Emergency workers on Sunday are continuing to pull out the trapped, treat the injured and feed the homeless survivors of the earthquake.

In Islamabad, nearly 24 hours after the quake hit, rescue workers were trying to free as many as 100 people trapped beneath a collapsed apartment building in Islamabad. At least 25 bodies were pulled from the rubble, along with eight survivors.

We would like to extend our sympathies to those affected by this tragedy. Please find information below on how you can assist.

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