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British Government continues to discriminate against British Citizens

The recent Court ruling regarding the UK Spouse visa rules decided that there was nothing “irrational, or inherently unjust or inherently unfair” about the rules or the Financial Requirement.

Immigration and Security Minister James Brokenshire said he was “delighted” and that around 4,000 outstanding applications by family members of British Citizens would now be refused. It is hard to see how anyone could be “delighted” at this

This represents a shocking abuse of the right to a family life for British Citizens. It is hard to see how this can be ruled not to be unfair when EEA Citizens are free to bring family members from outside the EEA without any Financial or English language requirements.

In other words, EEA Citizens have substantially easier entry requirements for their family members coming to the UK than British Citizen’s family members have. It is hard to see how it is possible for this to be ruled as fair and not be seen as entirely discriminatory.

Added to this the fact that, when applying from outside the UK, ONLY the British Citizen’s income can be considered, thus meaning that if the British Citizen is not employed but instead, for example, manages the house and raises the children, then there is no possibility of them coming to the UK regardless of the household income.

These are quite appalling rules that discriminate in favour of EEA Citizens over British Citizens and there can surely be no excuse for such abuse of family rights in a civilised society.

Campaigners have pledged to continue the fight.