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Sponsor Licence

A Sponsor Licence is required by an UK Company wishing to sponsor overseas workers for employment in the UK.

UK Sponsor Licence

If you want to employ non-UK workers then you will usually need to sponsor them under Tier 2 General of the Points Based System.

This section of our website provides an overview of the UK Sponsor Licence system and should provide you with a basic understanding of the requirements.

The opportunity to hire the people you need from outside the UK can be made far simpler than you might think, although the cost of sponsoring workers is not insignificant.

We have assisted a wide range of businesses to employ non-UK workers over the last 25 years, from dancers known for their work on television, through some very well-known global brands to a range of multi-billion dollar turnover multi-nationals.

We have been trusted for many years by some very well-known organisations and brands to represent them in this area of law and manage their Sponsor Licences and we have an almost flawless record of Client retention. Get in touch to find out how we can help and what makes us different.


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